TWO POEMS Of Artists and Art


Words & Visual: Shruthi Venkat
Edit: Priyanka Sutaria


Recipe for an Artist

 Place a large vessel on medium to high flame;
Fry a bowlful of enthusiasm in a splash of
Zero-to-no time management skills.
Stir in a bunch of finely chopped late nights,
And some mornings filled with regret.
Dump a tablespoon of hate and judgment
From those who do not understand us.
Mix in a handful of broken hearts, and stories worth telling.
Add a plateful of half-baked ideas, and
Unexecuted out-of-the-box designs.
Measure a spoonful of lack of motivation,
A cup of rebellion, and incessant bickering.
Grate in struggles to keep your preparation grounded.
Once all the above ingredients have blended properly,
Let them simmer on low flame for a minute or two,
To account for our attention spans.
Such situations call for open-minded,
Hot-headed beings, so mix in that stereotype liberally.
Garnish with generic words like “creativity”
and “inclined to imagination”.
Your preparation is now ready!


Painting with a poem

Close your eyes, give this a listen‒
Empty the canvas of your mind.
This is the scene we’re going to paint,
Start off with the mountains;
Those snow clad peaks,
Foggy tops, and near-purple crests.
Let those summits rise between
The sky layered with blues,
And the clouds, ever so grey.
Continue downwards,
Towards the endless dense forests,
Rendered in shades of green and brown.
Draw the minute details on every single leaf,
And how they fold, so very gracefully.
In the foreground, let the crystal clear river flow,
The edges lined with rocks, and the water
Rippling, like sheets of cobalt and white.
Frothing in between and pebbles peeping through.
You can almost hear the hurtling water,
Feel the cold breeze hit your face;
You realise now, that this is magic,
Images in your mind woven through
With a thick lace of words.


Shruthi Venkat is a second-year design student pursuing her Bachelors in product design. Her passions includes painting, photography, and writing. She occasionally performs poetry. She enjoys watching films and binge-watching TV series.




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