Words: Aekta Khubchandani
Visual: Debasmita Das
Edit: Priyanka Sutaria

Leave is about love and its innocence. It talks about the umbrella of emotions, one is under while in a relation. But it also reminds one that Love is the head of the emotional family.

Don’t we all believe in this kind of patriarchy?


I want you to leave-
unfold yourself, 
stretch your arms,
touch your toes,
pack a few clothes,
fill your pockets with lost memories,
let lose of hope, faith, belief.
Wear those torn dungarees
that white t-shirt that smells of milk powder,
leave the leftover chocolate bar behind
the one that tastes like me and more coffee,
a few cigarettes to this rented flat
that blue lighter and double plug earphones
don’t you have better friends than those?
Keep them on the side table that corners our photo frame.
Don’t forget your specs, shades, perfume,
your smell, your touch
your pencil sketches and songs,
those voice notes and letters;
take them all along.
Squeeze it in 
sit, jump and pack that fat bag
and I know it’ll be heavy
so I’ll just come along.



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