Blurring lines and permanence 

“Breaking the concrete stillness to finally move, being all over the space, being at the centre of the past and the future.

Are we often thought of, when ideas turn concrete? We float in the backgrounds and merge with the non-living.

I surround them, whilst being surrounded by them, growing in their shadows while I complete their present.”

These dialogues contribute to two particular streams of thought in my mind – one that deals with my personal conflicts, whilst the other with construction workers, who often end up being ‘merged with backgrounds’ in the eyes of many, due to systems of hierarchy and self-importance. They are often ‘Dekha Undekha’ – a position that I put myself in during my three-hour performance at Studio 365, Goa, where only those who truly observed were the ones who knew that I was performing; however, I was quite invisible for many.

My performance is a social commentary through mere observation of the actions of many. What if hired help, like the workers that build our spaces, were subjects within the backgrounds they build for us? What if we chose to take notice of the temporary hands that define the permanence of our decorated frames?

This poem supports the performance and verbalizes a few simple thoughts and questions that crossed my mind with regards to how we often forget to take notice of beings due to our tendencies of selective focus and societal and self-created levels of importance.




Are we often thought of, when ideas turn concrete?

We float in the backgrounds and merge with the non-living.

Thoughts sway like the idea of I

Who’d ever notice the insignificant

Who make what matters?

Surfaces feel the compassion that creators do not,

Touched with love and equal fascination.

Keys to survival are held tightly in loose hopes to live

I sway with my strokes that gently bind;

Bind I do but not my heart.

Universes collide between backgrounds and the eye

The eye sees without conscious thought

Merge and blur and collide with focus

Differences of stills and movements of lines

Wishes of sewing, sew of focus

Sewing of the true and desired false

The falseness of your eyes, the truth of concrete

Concrete realities of walls speak truths

Of the masters of substance,

Substances that build and create our grounds

Mediums that design backgrounds,

Blurred like us; like the stillness of idiots

Who cares for the birth of the action?

When only what is acted upon is cheered.



Words: Vidhi Dave

Edits: Hana Masood

Vidhi is a twenty year old student of design, with a keen interest in spaces, movement and varying relationships between environments and self. After finding a strong link between her thoughts and ease of expression through her personal discovery of performance art, she had her first performance at Studio 365, Goa – ACT II: Speak Up!

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