An Exhibition of Freedom

Concept & Drawings: lillmiss_redd
Edits: Priyanka Sutaria


So you pick up a pen and turn the reality of yourself into a piece of art.

Art is a way to express feelings, whether it is sketching something out on paper, dancing on the streets or any other form of art; it always helps us express feelings we hide in our hearts and heads.
Imagine all of us could paint out this one picture of ourselves that told the story of our imaginations and desires, the beautiful and the dark, the rational and the unreal.
The kind of art @lillmiss_redd intends to showcase is cheeky and raw, exploding with feelings hidden behind curtains and bedsheets, intentionally intact, forcibly by society which tends to mould us into a form so different from who we are. These images from her journal are images of you at home, your natural habitat, in spaces you are free.
The (im)perfections in the pictures are hidden in the galleries of our phones, carefully safeguarded by the number locks on mobile screens; pictures sent to lovers and not projected elsewhere, the doodles that never come out from the end pages of your notebook. What we seek is compliance and conformity to the regressive and archaic ideas we were brought up with.
@lillmiss_redd illustrates portraits with unskilled strokes speaking of her story, her truth which makes it even more tasteful. They speak of  how she liberates herself, and vents out her desires and feelings onto a journal which keeps her going. These drawings are excerpts of what you feel, as opposed to what you’ve been made to feel. It is your body on display, rough around the edges like you are, hesitant but as real.
Miss Red expresses the purpose of freeing your thoughts from the cage they have been forced into. As bold as the subjects are, they don’t hide behind subtle dark colour, but bright hues that guide you to look far; far and beyond the inhibitions and apprehensions. Miss Red aspires to belligerently crush the uncouth mentality that prohibits us from celebrating our natural body, encouraging us to shine, reminding us what we are. Her art speaks, sharp enough to sting. Her opposition is without hatred and certainly without fear.
It is what it is.



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