About Warehouse Zine



We begin as the outsider. The outsider, to the many sections of the society. All those who stand in front of the gaping void of space. The space that is open and presently unoccupied. It is however a structure which adapts itself to whoever enters its space. The outsider delves into the process of collating information, art and knowledge, to derive meaning from the universe that surrounds them into one curated space of their own making. Thus we enter the Warehouse.

In the lack of its vast physical embodiment, Warehouse Zine has adapted itself to the endless void and the abundance of the virtual space. Warehouse Zine focuses deeply on three aspects: conversation, collaboration and community. We are creating a space for conversations to emerge from the folds of daily observations that can reveal something nuanced about our cultural fabric. Our space also caters to productive endeavours in the form of collaborations, both in-house and external. Artists, musicians, photographers, writers can come together to build a meta-concept that draws from various points of meaning. Through these collaborations, we aim to create a community of artists who are actively involved in the creation of cultural discourse that seeks to reflect, revive and renovate the way we think about things. This community will be responsible for a larger cultural awakening, one that brings together art, politics and literature on a reflective platform.

Warehouse Zine is the quarterly webzine made by the former team of The Ellipsis. The zine recently launched a sub-zine called, ‘Open Space’, that invites non-thematic contributions ranging from podcasts to interviews. To contribute or to know more about our external collaborations, write to us at contribute@warehousezine.com


Illustration contributed by Irene Verwoerd



Saniya Rohida – Editorial Manager, Writer

Soumi Raychowdhury – Recruitment and Contributions Manager, Visual Media, Writer

Aishwarya Shah – Writer, Team Manager, Offline Projects

Sanjana Reddy – Visual Media Manager, Web Manager

Priyanka Sutaria – Marketing, Editorial Manager, Writer, Offline Projects

Animesh Gautam – Marketing, Offline Projects

Karan Kaul – Writer, Recruitment and Contributions Manager, Offline Projects

Francesca Cotta – Writer, Offline Projects Manager

Shama Nair – Marketing, Photographer

Vaishnavi Suresh – Writer

Tara Anand – Illustrator

Sanaya Chandar – Illustrator

Nandita Ratan – Illustrator

Sanika Palsikar – Illustrator

Nivedita Nair – Writer, Marketing

Tanushree Baijal – Writer, Editor

Shweta Swaminathan – Editor

Sanjana Takru – Editor, Offline projects

Ananya – Writer

Hana Masood – Editor

Shriya Pant – Editor

Mahima Srikanth – Writer

Amal Shiyas – Editor

Aekta Khubchandani – Writer, Illustrator

Deepro Roy – Writer